Meeting Minutes

Dan Burden – Healthy Kids/Healthy Ozarks report

C.O.R.E. meeting on January 23,2012 Focus on Development along the Road Diet and plans to facilitate improvement on signage, traffic flow and safety

C.O.R.E. wayfinding presentation

Results of the Attendee Survey:

C.O.R.E. Way finding Survey

Destination Spoke holds its first :Advance Harrison Meeting

14 people showed up to the inaugural Advance Harrison meeting at The Townhouse on Tuesday 24th January. Dave opened the discussion by reminding the group why they were there – to focus on the small downtown area of Harrison as it will benefit the whole community – and cited the example of the Little Rock Farmers’ Market 6 block area where a group still meets after many years and more than 1.5 billion private dollars in investment has been attracted to the entire area. He also made a ruling that the group stay positive and be respectful of other’s opinions. There followed a discussion about where and how often the group should meet. It was agreed to meet weekly and always downtown but not always in the same place. Dave agreed to contact other restaurants and email the group where the next meeting would be. After that the group broke into smaller “get acquainted” groups. The next meeting is next Tuesday at Ugo’s Pizza on the corner of Rush and Willow.

C.O.R.E. Minutes 7-19-10

C.O.R.E. Minutes 6-21-10

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